Genesis Electricity

Genesis Electricity Limited (GEL) is a full-service energy company providing a broad spectrum of energy solutions to clients across Africa. Its strong network of globally and locally recognized contacts as well as carefully cultivated relationships internationally, has enabled the company to consistently exceed its assets development projections.

GEL continues the tradition of providing innovative and high quality technical services and solutions that meet every need associated with production, transmission and distribution of electric power.




At Genesis Electricity , we take pride in being at the forefront of innovative energy solutions and high quality technical services that improves energy efficiencies, increases reliability in electricity supply, and reducing costs associated with the production, transmission, and distribution of electric power.



Genesis Electricity is committed to creating energy solutions that help people lead better lives in the African continent. From generation to transmission dispatching, to engineering, installation, and operations troubleshooting, Genesis Electricity is your preferred partner in Africa.

Social Responsibility


Genesis Electricity is at the forefront of initiatives in Africa dedicated to enhancing social reformation through providing affordable and competitive power supply accessible to all.



Our new goals include becoming a niche One-Stop Power Solutions provider for all of Africa through lateral & vertical energy business integration.

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